Our Members and Supporters

AHC was founded by eight organizations who joined efforts in their shared interests to better protect aquatic habitats. These organizations came together to initiate a program to apply Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and Western science through valuable research, engaging in stewardship, and providing rigorous, evidence-based policy advice and recommendations to governments and industry.

Active Member Organizations

Active Individuals

  • Brad Fairley
  • Chad Ziai
  • Chris Craig
  • Dan Benoit
  • David Browne
  • Dianne Ramage
  • Emilie Lagace
  • Genevieve Morinville
  • Jack Imhof
  • Jay Wilson
  • Jenie Cooper
  • Jesse MacDonald
  • John Richardson
  • Jim Brennan
  • Karen McDonald
  • Larry McDermott
  • Lucas Warner
  • Michael Paterson
  • Michael Power
  • Nicolas Lapointe
  • Rick Portiss
  • Susan Doka

Supporting members participate in AHC through financial contributions, occasional contribution to AHC events and initiatives and receive informational updates. See more information here.

Many thanks to the Partnership Design Team included in this list